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The original presentation of RAVANESWARAN had 80 dancers performing on stage. This mega production was appreciated by all and was compared with the magnificent stage dramas presented by veteran artist, Sri R. S. Manohar. RAVANESWARAN deals with a rare subject that exhibits Bhakthi, Sringara and Siksha.

Our mythology mentions that other than Ishwara (Lord) the Siva, there are few others who have gained the title of “Ishwara”. The demon king Ravana, the ruler of Lanka, also receives the title. What makes this villainous character to be addressed as ‘Ishwara’? That was the inspiration for our panel to make this mega production.

All Ravana’s acts exemplify his Rakshasa descent, and cannot be judged by the then prevailing moral standards applicable to normal human beings. Yet he is always approached as our fellow being. He is popular for his deepest devotion for Lord Siva, valour and his tremendous knowledge of music. At the same time, he is blamed for his rivalry with Lord Vishnu and all his deceitful deeds done against Rama. Through the time, it is made clear that we the humans seemed to have forgotten that Ravana was a great Rakshasa and started evaluating his character as if he was one of us.

He is handsome, an obedient son to his mother, he is valiant, he is one of the best devotees of Siva, an incomparable musicologist, a romantic lover, powerful figure in all the three worlds etc. – thus we see all the desired qualities of a Hero in him. We point out that though being one of the favourite devotees of Siva, Ravana met his downfall through his behaviour with a strong “Aham” feeling and being rude on innocents.

RAVANESWARAN, as all our other dance dramas, ends with a positive note conveying Ravana, with due credit to all his positive characteristics, achieved the state of “Saayujya” in the hands of Rama.


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