SIVAMAYAM for forthcoming December Season

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SIVAMAYAM – Dance Drama | Choreography – Smt. Sheela Unnikrishnan
Date Time Venue /Banner
5/12/14 6 45 pm Narada Gana Sabha. Karthik Fine Arts
1/1/15 7 00 pm Sri YGP Auditorium. Barat Kalachar
4/1/15 7 15 pm Ethiraj Kalyana Nilayam Indian Fine Arts
11/1/15 7 30 pm Mylapore Fine Arts. Mylapore Fine Arts
13/1/15 6 30 pm Vani Mahal Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha
14/1/15 6 30 pm Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashram Nadasudha
15/1/15 7 30 pm Sivagami Petachi Auditorium Sri Brahma Gana Sabha



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Openning Scene:

The dance drama commences with a beautiful composition of Sekhizhaar from Periya Puranam in praise of Lord Siva the Omnipotent. The stage opens up with the big bang theory that was the origin of creation, brought alive. Siva appears from the Light and manifests Himself with six faces, the first five to create, protect, destroy, hide and grace and the sixth one to dissolve the universe and absorb all into Him. He is praised for the embodiment of PARAM (Omnipotent) Thathvam.


Follows is the scene in which, Parvathi and Siva appear as Bride and Groom in Mount Kailasa, where the divine wedding preparations go on. As all assemble to attend the divine wedding, the land in North slides down and the Southern part raises to stay lifted up. This creates panic in all.  Siva then commands Sage Agasthiya to go south to bring balance on earth and promises him to give “Darshan” in the south on fulfilling the task.




Link Scene:
As Sage Agasthiya travels from the north, the adventures he faces, the victorious deeds etc. are narrated in a catchy song sequence. On reaching south, he awaits Siva’s darshan, exploring the five elements starting from Earth.

IMG_2633Episode 1:
This scene celebrates the element Earth, which makes the place for all living beings and from where the awareness for knowledge and wisdom begins. Earth is characterized as a woman who emerges from Siva and married to Vishnu and at the end, the ‘Thathva’ of Sankaranarayana is established.

Episode 2:
Siva’s grace brings Water to Earth and the various manifestations of water is exhibited in this colourful scene, bringing up the stories of Ganga’s descent, birth of Kaveri and the formation of river Godavari. The scene ends praising the greatness of the element Water through a narrative dance sequence.

Episode 3:
Preparations for the destruction of Tripurasuras are on. The whole world joins Siva in the war preparations and feels proud of being an important part in the magnanimous mission. Siva with His mere fascinating smile emulates the Tripurasuras to ashes. Thus the Fire episode begins with dramatization of Tripurasura Samharam and the element Fire is established closely associated with Siva as Knowledge in this third eye and as His power.

Episode 4:
The fourth element Air portrays the strength of this formless element through various narrations. The story of Thiruchengodu is presented as an alluring abstract in a vibrant musical and dance sequence. Siva as Ardhanaareeswara appears to propagate the equlity between men and women in His creation.

Episode 5:

Siva as the element Akasa appears omnipotent yet formless. Here the narration of His ‘leela’ in the forests of Tharuka Vanam is performed in a grand manner and Siva takes the form of Nataraja and blesses Agasthiya with His divine Darshan. The charismatic Siva Tandavam follows with Sivagamasundari accompanying Him with all the other gods, sages, demons and human beings.

Concluding Scene:

The grand finale scene explains the importance of five elements and the relationship they hold to reach the Ultimate. Towards the end, a much needed message is conveyed through a captivating dance choreographed for an elevated music.


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